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The specially designed powder tight MF is provided with a special profile for quick connection, by means of a Clamp B, to CO.RA. R and RC type half bodies or between two MF flanges. An OR groove can be made on the flange centering or on the coupling surface, which is complete with silicone o-rings ( other elastomers are available on request).

The MF interface can be of two types:

- Male: the standard version, used for connection to valve half-bodies, to MF’s with Female interface, to compensators with Female MF type flanges.

- Female: used for connection to elements having Male type flanges

The MF flange is not only used to couple valve half-bodies, it is also used to connect long pleces of tubing, allowing easy disassembly for maintenance, cleaning, etc… Furthermore, the MF can be provided with a bayonet connection which allows for a single operator to assemble the tubing or the valve without the aid of another operator tools.