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Smart Services

Digital management with adequate and professional equipment TO BE NEAR CUSTOMER.SMART Services available: Remote Assistance and Teleservice, Remote Tests in CO.RA. Technology Center, Remote Qualification and Acceptance Tests FAT, SAT, IQ, OQ.


Renewing a system means overcoming design and technological limitations of the past and integrating the original project with current and advanced solutions. Over the years CO.RA. has gained strong experience and specialization in revamping Valves,Lifting and Dosing Systems, Steel and flexible (silicone), Pipes, cones, hoppers, tanks, bins, loading/discharging stations and flexible connections (compensators).


CO.RA. s.r.l. organizes targeted inspections on-site with its own technical staff to verify technical/production problems, need for improvements or maintenance, with the client while discussing the various types of applicable solutions and the resulting benefits.

Tailor Made Solutions

Detailed feasibility studies, study and definition of processes and layouts, and validations in dust containment during connections and transfers.

Re-polishing services

The knowledge of polishing methods, allows CO.RA. to have a high quality, from the precision of the finishto the thoroughness of the processing and during the control stage. Upon request a surface roughness certificate can be issued. The roughness meter used is kept under constant review and periodically revised and calibrated. A certificate can be supplied upon request.

Functional tests

CO.RA. s.r.l. “Technology Center”: a complete structure dedicated to giving the customer a chance to test the solutions proposed by CO.RA with their product or a placebo.

Customer Service

The company has an after-sales service able to take charge of claims within 30 minutes from their receipt.