CO.RA. from Analysis to Turnkey Plants


A holistic approach on customer support for the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries 

CO.RA., founded in 1989 in Altopascio, Tuscany (Italy), as a supplier of components to connect machine “A” to machine “B” in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Process. In 30 years of activity, CO.RA. has specialized its know-how to offer Customers complete Service in the solid handling process.

Services are the heart of our business. The main objective is to assist all customers.

This means offering a 360° support guarantee, that consists in/made of a wide range of services as: 

  • Analysis and Verification of P&ID and Customer Technical Specifications;
  •  Meeting and technical inspections to define the project;
  • Design and proposal of a Customized Technical Solution;
  • Drafting of Specifications and Documents necessary for the realization of the project;
  • Realization of Verification and Tests at CO.RA. Technology Center with customer products;
  • Project validation (DQ), FAT at CO.RA. or in SMART SERVICE;
  • Installation and SAT at the customer site;
  • IQ, OQ and PQ validation tests, Use and Maintenance manuals complete with certifications;
  • Process & Systems engineering;
  • Possibility to issue of  GAMP5 (CFR title 21 part 11);
  • TECHNICAL TRAINING for staff training on site or in SMART mode;
  • Editing of Change Requirements;
  • Technical support for drafting SOPs;
  • Technical assistance on site or in SMART mode;
  • Scheduled maintenance;
  • Revamping of CO.RA.'s products;
  • Management of complaints and reports of anomalies.

Sharing proposals, solutions and technologies with customers to transform projects into reality, is a great opportunity for CO.RA. to grow and gain new knowledge. The client is considered as a partner, whose needs are CO.RA.’s needs. That’s why CO.RA. is one of the leaders in this business since its establishment in the 80s.

Integrated Systems and Turnkey Plants

CO.RA. is proud of a wide experience in the supply of Integrated Systems and Turnkey Plants for pharmaceutical and chemical companies. The highly qualified staff, composed of researchers, production designers, engineers, production unit and customer assistants, works to fully support the customer since the first quotation request.

Starting from the Analysis of the User Requirements Specification, the team’s goal is to find the best solution to suit the customer’s needs and then focuses on the Project development, always prepared to include every Change Request he might demand. The specialized know-how gained over the years of experience in solid handling, along with the innovative spirit, allows CO.RA. to provide its expertise far beyond the supply of a simple plant. 

Hence, CO.RA. is able to offer Design Qualification, Factory and Site Acceptance Test, Installation and Operational Qualification, staff Training and Assistance within 48 hours from the problem report. CO.RA. guarantees its products, designed, built and qualified in compliance with cGMP principles (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) and according to the FDA regulations, thanks to the established and/or experimental technologies, technical competence, reliability and collaboration: necessary ingredients to ensure a high-quality resolution.

All CO.RA. components and systems are completely made of certified stainless steel, designed according to the European referenced standard for lifting loads and according to the lifting and to the FDA regulations, ideal for use in sterile environments and in compliance with cGMP recommendations. Complete traceability of components is guaranteed thanks to a batch number laser engraved directly on the steel.

The attention placed in each detail of the process allows the company to offer either a System perfectly integrated with customer plant or a Turnkey Plant, set to be fully functioning, both tailored to client specific needs. 

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