CO.RA. has conceived the Perfect VR8V System  , a special  VR8V valve with a built-in 

control system suitable to  manage the continuous flow of product by intercepting 

and regulating the powder flow rate.

Underneath the VR8V a stainless steel hose will be linked endowed with two tuning 

fork sensors that by means of a vibrating system, enable the user to actually monitor 

the level of product inside.

This system has been engineered and carried out with the utmost attention in order 

to abide to the most rigorous cleaning procedures .  A fast cleaning will be 

guaranteed by the use of a clamp .   No tools will be needed from the operator for 

assembling or disassembling.  The control system operates the VR8V so that a 

pipe linked to the valve can be always filled-up with a powder level swinging 

between the level of the switches.  Therefore a steady permanent feeding of the 

process machine through an automated system can be achieved.  The mechanical 

features of this valve are unique compared to other valves with traditional layout - 

such as Sole Valve or Rotary Valve – because it has no gasket and

 it is free to rotate by 360° degrees.  As the rotor’s pockets will be emptied one by 

one , the discharge of powder takes place smoothly and gradually. 

The rotation speed of VR8V can be automatically changed by the control system 

according to factors like distinguishing process features and sensors’ recognition.

Finally a software engineered by CO.RA staff  allows an easy control of the powder 

inside the pipe , directly from the panel position, already enabled to benefit from

 the remote technical support from CO.RA. technicians.

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