ROTARY VALVE ( Light Version)

The Rotary Valve Special Light Version is a special 6  pockets star valve which allows a uniform continous flow of powder / granules . 

It is suitable for confined environments and closed process applications where the operator will benefit from a minor weight of this valve compared to other stellar valves. 

It can rotate by 180° degrees clockwise and counterclockwise thus avoding any demixing problem in the process.  Rotation speed and pauses between a first rotation and a second rotation  can be regulated by a control panel.

Main advantages of the Rotary Valve Special Light Version:

 - Reduced weight compared to other stellar valves

 - Add-on control panel to monitor and adjust the flow rate of the product

 - Sterilization in autoclave

The Rotary Valve Special Light Version comes out with a satin finish body . On request the body can be mirror polished.  

The Light Rotary Valve Special Light Version ensure a good grip and better comfort for the operator during working operations.

FDA certification can be provided on request.

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