The Big Bag Discharger  is a dosing system which allows the transfer of product from a a big bag into a drum or into a continous liner. It works  by gravity , avoiding dust dispersion 

Ergonomic and easy-to-clean  , the system features a high precison in dosing,  repeatability  and automation of process

The big bag discharger will not leave swarfs or shavings  . This is a crucial factor when losing a minimum rate of product can be expensive.

How does it work?

The big bag rings are fastened to a lifting framework. The big bag can be lifted, shifted lowered and positioned over the dosing station

Once the first Big Bag has been empied and put on the ground,  a second big bag can be loaded on the framework and the dosing process can move forward.

The system is equipped with a collection hopper where the bag can be opened.  An inflatable ring will secure the bag so it cannot move  

An inflatable ring will block the big bag. Through a small door the operator can enter and unfasten the noose which seals up the big bag. Once the noose has been unfastened, the small door will be closed and the dosing process is ready to start. 

The big bag discharger combines a telescopic coupling connection in order to hook up the liner to the dosing station.

Both the hopper and the coupling connection are connected to the powder control panel in the system

The big bag discharger can be operated by means of a PLC with a push- button panel or by means of a HMI interface in case you have customized recipes/dosages to manage and store.

This kind of system allows to balance key factors such as productivity, quality (GMP) ergonomics and safety (HSE)

Our system can be supplied in compliance with the ATEX 2014/34/UE DIRECTIVE as the type of powder handled can be potentially explosive 

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