Innovation in CO.RA. LIFTING SYSTEMS : the DUK System.

The tool is completely made of AISI 304 and plastic polymers in compliance with FDA

Mechanical driving are completely insulated from external environment with appropriate carters fixed or sliding carters. The loading lifting can be manual, with the installation of an electric rope hoist driven by a crank, or   automatic,   with installation of an electric rope hoist driven by a remote push button. 

The manual model can be sterilized at 120° c in autoclave.

All models have the movement of the machinery by pushing

It is used to handle heavy loadings such as Bin or small big bag with maximum weight of 300 kilos.

In this case the gripping system is equipped with rigid rods suitable to be inserted in special references positioned timely on loadings to handle.

The safety pins inserted into rigid rods ensure the stability of the load during handling

Or it is used to handle drums and small drums, tanks, made of metal material, plastic polymers and cardboard with maximum weight 150 kilos and varying diameter from 250 mm to 650 mm

Duk System is particularly versatile for operations of positioning and overturning of containers on product processing equipment.

Cylindrical containers to handle are fastened by rollers covered by plastic material in compliance with FDA and equipped of safety automatic system on clamping.  

The outline of both versions of the system with supports apart increase the firmness during drum overturning for the depletion.

The loading gripping element is widely customized along with specific requirements of the customer.

The loading draining can be weighted (with resolution till 10 grams) thanks to installation of dosing systems and weighing stations on gripping organs. 

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