The HR Crusher system allows to break up agglomerated powders that have formed during the production and / or storage phase and is the ideal solution for breaking hygroscopic or packing products. The system is composed of a tree equipped with knives that break the lump passing through a fixed comb.

HR Crusher is designed so that it can be positioned inside product loading or unloading pipes for emptying drums, hoppers, bins, etc. It is built with materials suitable for contact with chemical / pharmaceutical and nutraceutical / food products: AISI 316L, PTFE or PEK (compliant with the FDA standard) the parts that do not come into contact with the product such as the casing of the electric motor or the control panel are made of AISI 304. The surface finishes are generally polished inside and external satin finish, but they can vary according to customers' requests. It is implemented by a variable speed electric motor for versatile use. It can also be installed in ATEX environments with 0/20 classification.

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